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Connection String; string SQLSTR = " SELECT * FROM tbemp"; Sql Data Adapter da=new Sql Data Adapter(SQLSTR,con); Data Set ds = new Data Set(); da. of records and second time it will throw exception.

but it should not display any error in crystal report page while running the page query fired frm sql is giving the needed records but ds s givng 0 records if i am using another normal dataset it showing m ethe needed records but if the xsd file is used as dataset i think its not filled with records why it dont thunk its the problem in query as when executed frm sql i get the records in rpttemp its the prblm with the dataset ie the xsd file that is used as dataset usng the frirst query i tried thr' normal recordet i get the proper count of the records but with this xsd dataset i get the count 0 Hi, if you r using same query then problem in the query itself if you run that query in sql database first time it will return no.

As more organizations begin to enforce XML standards for all data transmission, increasingly complex XML formats are emerging.

These complex formats can include multiple namespaces, thousands of elements, and recursive definitions.

Oracle XML DB is a feature of Oracle Database that provides a powerful tool for managing XML content, including storage, manipulation, and retrieval.

It offers different storage options to meet the unique requirements of different XML formats.

For example, if there is a 700MB single-rooted XML file, it may be possible to split it into 10 smaller files that are valid with the XML schema.On the other hand, a multiterabyte data warehouse might regularly process XML documents measured in gigabytes and not consider a file to be large unless it contains millions of lines.The same concept holds for the perceived complexity of an XML document.Inserting 10 different 70MB files is much faster than inserting a single 700MB file and achieves the same end result.The level of concurrency should be determined by the available processing power of the database.

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