Wpf command canexecute not updating east indian women dating

Now if I set the boolean property to true in the code, my button never re enables..

I am using Galasofts MVVM light which I believe is a popular MVVM toolkit.

Here in the Button control the Command property is bound to the "Update Command".

An application might allow a user to cut selected objects or text by either clicking a button, choosing an item in a menu, or using a key combination, such as CTRL X.

a Button will disable itself if Can Execute() returns false). Requery Suggested event is raised whenever the Command Manager thinks that something has changed that will affect the ability of commands to execute.

private void dispatcher Timer_Tick(object sender, Event Args e) ' System. In situations where the Command Manager does not sufficiently determine a change in conditions that cause a command to not be able to execute, Invalidate Requery Suggested can be called to force the Command Manager to raise the Requery Suggested event.

To continue the example of cutting an object or text, the action only makes sense when something is selected.

If a user tries to cut an object or text without having anything selected, nothing would happen.

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