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I can tell you what I want and what I’d like to happen.On these types of shows you hope that you have the people around you who are talented enough to do that.There is no arguing with the fact that Salli Richardson-Whitfield has had a long and successful career in entertainment.While she has been open and exposed to the camera and other media mechanisms over the course of a career, much of her life remains shrouded and well-kept.I’m a bit of a religious woman, and I think that if you listen you’ll follow the path that God is taking you. I think, eventually, as I developing shows, maybe I’ll find a good role for myself. TSL: You’ve been in all kinds of films, but I really love it when you pop up in science fiction films. SRW: If you look at my stuff, I’ve done a lot of different kinds of shows and, in the beginning, I really wanted to jump around so that there wasn’t something that someone could say ‘Yeah, but does she know how to…’ or ‘Yeah, but has she ever done…’ But I do like the action stuff, if you asked me probably one of my favorite films would be ‘Alien’. For example, Spike Lee’s cinematographic style stands out, while Ava’s use of shadows and lighting come to mind. There was a climax scene that we did at the end of the episode for , a big one-er like that.

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SRW: I don’t know how to choreograph a fight scene.

But, for me, I’m looking for those things that are elevated. Because then you’re getting the sci-fi, you’re getting the horror, but you have great acting and that’s the kind of mixture that I like. These are shows were I can really push the envelope style wise. Once you get one that works people are laughing and yelling and cheering like ‘Oh my f**kin’ god! ’ TSL: Ava is one of the most sought after directors in the game today. SRW: No, what’s funny is Ava didn’t necessarily give me advice, she just believed in me. That was the first time that she had done a feature film.

Right now I’m on my way to do Altered Carbon, which is sci-fi and a great show. After that, all my emphasis is going to be on finding some really well-rounded drama because I don’t want people to think that all I want to do is sci-fi stuff. She had only done documentaries up until that point in time.

SRW: I’ve had opportunities where people have asked me to be a writer, producer, director, unless it’s something that was like ten episodes I feel like it would be bored there.

And I like the challenge of doing different things. I don’t like that the idea is of going and running someone else’s show that I don’t have a vested interest in, because then you’re coming in and doing someone else’s plan instead of your own.

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