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MARK RUFFALO: A ' HULK' MOVIE WILL NEVER HAPPENRuffalo started to say that the ending was "like every other Marvel movie" and ultimately it just "doesn't end well for the superheroes," but moments later he exclaimed: "Wait until you see this next one!

Most successful men will tell you that they achieved success when they met their partners.

Though Ruffalo’s ostensibly the lead, I think I’m far more interested in what Gad and Moore are doing.

Especially since the responses to Moore — in her biggest live-action movie role to date — have been unanimously positive.

Related article: Revisit everyone’s MCU relationship status pre-After surviving the fight against Thanos on Titan, Tony was left stranded with Nebula aboard the Guardians of the Galaxy’s ship called the Benatar. (Weird.)But Gamora had daddy issues so serious that Thanos abducted her and then threw her off a cliff all so he could get a shiny orange stone 🔶 that helped him wipe out half the universe.

right now, by brushing up on the romantic status of every major relationship in the MCU in chronological order, grappling with the uncertainty of who might be resurrected. It’s always you,” he says to Pepper at the beginning of the first with Drax watching.

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