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Another one of my favorite pros, Cheryl Burke, recently announced that Season 19 will probably be her last on Dancing with the Stars. Thursday’s new cast reveal did not impress me, but I will tune in to cheer on my favorite pro dancers.

When did the pros become a bigger draw than the stars?!

“They are so solid, so happy together,” the source says. Excerpts from Tully’s interview is below –How have you been emotionally since shooting the show? My Antonio, VH1's dating reality show featuring Antonio Sabato Jr is currently halfway through the season, and we have some juicy news and gossip for you!

Brooke Barlow, who won Antonio’s heart on My Antonio, said back in October that the two gave their relationship a try, but ended up breaking up after a few months of dating. We couldn’t really court, because we weren’t allowed to be seen in public, so it’s very difficult to try to have a relationship behind closed doors. We saw each other for probably a couple of months after the show was filmed, and then we just decided it was best to see other people, and I haven’t heard from him since. After coming home, going through a three-month recuperation for my injury took my mind off things a little bit. There are currently 7 girls left vying for Antonio's heart as we stand.

JT and Paula’s relationship was in the tabloids several times because she threatened to get a restraining order against him after he began stalking and pestering her after their break-up.

According to GLOBE Magazine, Cheryl is very happy with JT, and she gushed “” with her.

Rumor has it, Antonio is not the only person who is upset about the rumors floating around about him and his dancing partner Cheryl.

Seems as if drama erupts whenever a new season of DWTS starts and various romantic allusions are made between the pro dancers and the contestants.

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Rumor has it he is very jealous of Cheryl and her dancing partner Antonio.

There is drama developing between Cheryl Burke, Antonio Sabato Jr.

JT Torregiani, and Val Chmerkovskiy on Dancing With The Stars Season 19.

That’s never been done before and ABC is normally dreadfully predictable, so I fully expect to see Josh seated in the audience only. People magazine is reporting Antonio, 37, stepped out with his new girlfriend, singer-songwriter Cheryl Moana Marie, on Sunday at the Hollywood Christmas Parade, introducing her as “my girlfriend.” The photo of the couple from that night is above. We would go hiking on the weekends in his back yard in the woods. It was really nice getting to know him and his children. They look at him like fans, or they wonder what he can to for them, in one girl’s case. He’s not going to be out dancing or clubbing or drinking.

According to a source, shortly after Sabato’s show wrapped, he and the Hawaiian-born singer began to date. We saw each other on the weekends, being very careful not to let anyone else see us. In a new interview with VH1, Tully discusses her emotional exit, getting over Antonio again, being betrayed by Christi and why she never wants to be like Antonio’s mother, Yvonne. He’s very quiet, and if they don’t like home life and just want the glitz and glamor, they’re going to be disappointed.

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