What is miscalculation of pregnancy dating

No particular preparation is required for the h CG blood test.Risks involved with having blood taken are minimal.These include fertility drugs such as Profasi, Pregnyl, and Pergonal.Smoking marijuana can also result in elevated h CG levels.Your doctor may order this test as part of a series of lab tests to identify the cause of certain symptoms.

The h CG test can give both false-negative results and false-positive results for pregnancy.This table shows the normal h CG levels during pregnancy for each week from your last menstrual period, according to the Australian government’s pregnancy resource Pregnancy, Birth, and Baby.Normal h CG levels in nonpregnant women are less than 10.0 m IU/m L.When the needle is in the vein, you may feel minor discomfort or stinging.Afterward, you may experience some mild throbbing at the puncture site.

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