Updating white tile countertops

They looked so good – and held up great to every day use for over a year.

In the above picture, you can see how the pearl paint added a little bit of shine and depth to the finished counter.

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Unfortunately, we moved before I could take proper “after” pictures with less glare, no mess and no painters tape left behind. So, yes, you can paint over ugly granite counter tops and make them a thing of beauty. Check out this post: Painting Floor Tile Thanks so much for stopping by!

I began by wiping everything down, making sure I started with a clean surface. It even filled in those scratches, so you couldn’t see them anymore when I finished with this process.

Then I put the first coat of white over the primer.

Then, go back with a big round brush or sponge, and give it another coat by blotting the white on top of the first coat.

I wasn’t looking for perfect cover, I wanted a little bit of depth and interest. I took some of the silver and gray paint, dipped a feather in it, and ran it over the top randomly, creating veins.

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