Updating ranch style house

If you’ve been blessed with a shaded spot, make the porch an even grander entrance by extending its reach.Consider creating a taller, pitched roof over the porch, or adding an awning to generate more interest.Then, flank the pathway with colorful flowers to generate a sense of space and openness by drawing the eye toward the yard.

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Maximize the sleek, contemporary lines of a ranch house by arranging your low-growing shrubs in a symmetrical fashion.

Get a contractor who specializes in this kind of additions if you want to add some character to both your landscape and your home.

Regardless of whether it’s a stone patio, a screened-in porch, or a new redwood deck, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy it. Plenty of homeowners don’t appreciate the difference new windows can make in a home.

Similarly, plant your taller greens in pairs for balance; they can work as well as columns to frame a neatly decorated front porch.

The typical ranch takes on a boxy, rectangular form — sometimes with an L shape, but always with plenty of hard corners.

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