Updating norton caused a script error

I have the same problem and in fact am getting the script error on this page while writing this right now. After examining this post; comment #14 pointed me in the right direction.

Yes, was a Microsoft tech, first told me I had an infection and then decided that my computer was not compatible with windows 10 and I should revert to 7.

I was pretty excited when I came across this application tool from Symantec – the Norton PC Checkup.

It is a free tool that scans for computer problems and notifies you of the same, if any are found.

Being impressed I decided to take the tool for a run!

After downloading the latest available 11.5 MB file version of the Norton PC Checkup tool and installing it, it first updates its virus definitions and then runs a full scan on your system. now does one consider Cookies as threats or are they just over-rated? I am very particular about keeping my PC working at its best – I do the necessary house-keeping stuff every week or month as may be required.

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