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Stay out of the AOE's and this fight is not a threat at all.

The AOE's begin as a simple circle, then a large donut AOE, thin to thick Arena edge AOE's. The Stone Watchers need to be taunted in by the tank so they don't kill the DPS or Healer. Recommended to not let more than one be up at a time. The Dark Orb will spawn four other orbs during the fight that will empower some of the adds.

First of all, be sure you got the update file for your My Guide 3100 ( Software My Guide 6.1 ) device, downloaded from Speedcam

If still haven't got it, you can get it now filling the form you see on this page.

The same bonus as the hags rags and the ebony ring, precisely for this reason knowing that it does not accumulate more than 2 times I had to remove the ebony and put a second shadow predator, then I removed the resistant boots with 3 bonus % damage with resistance over 75% and I put on the ebony shirt to take advantage of this bonus that I remind you is the only one that does not accumulate, it works only 1, and I put the boots of the willing (always obtainable from the tyrant hunting omu, having thus access to 3% more damage with the willpower, “” “which represents a big slice of damage in a dungeon” “” then I added the burnished weapons, chosen instead of the alabaster simply for the number of times that they are activated in party, any care or a little damage is enough to make them activate, just like the old weapons of the primitive.

I did some tests in both aoe and single target with this equip and the other, and all the time just throwing 2 daily.

Scintillating Orb - Empowers the Call Lightning and Sparks abilities.

You can add and remove countries speedcam data to your current setup.Blazing Orb - Empowers the Meteor ability and the Fire Rain ability from the Blazing Aurorans.Meteor's will stun players hit directly by them, and the added AOE's on the ground can become a threat if they stack and burst a player.because the other statistics can be easily reached by taking advantage of your and partner’s equipment bonuses, and in this mod the power takes on a much more important role so having a lot of it is always better.In utility slots, I recommend “Dark” because increasing the influence of your partner is just as useful to raise all the choice of the companions is relative, one should choose the companions to use based on the gaps that one has in the statistics, to understand, if one is an almost end-of-game player, obviously he will have all the high statistics and will have reached the maximum limit for each one of them, so he will choose comrades who give him “Power” as a bonus, such as the deep crow newborn, the kenku archer, the minstrel, Alpha compy etc etc.

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