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In case errors are found, a replacement of the RAM module is advised.These faulty hardware components may comprise faulty PCI cards and VGA cards.As a frequent Windows 10 user, you may have at one or more times experienced an ominous Blue Screen of Death error with an UNEXPECTED KERNEL MODE TRAP error message at the bottom of the screen. The UNEXPECTED KERNEL MODE TRAP error is a bug that indicates that the CPU generated a trap which the kernel was unable or is not allowed to catch or the system is in an unrecoverable error.The annoying Blue Screen message is usually followed by abrupt freezing or shutdown of your system leaving you apprehensive and confused. It’s an error that affects Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 Systems.

Dust clogs up the CPU fan and obstructs free air circulation leading to building up of heat within the motherboard.Common causes of this anomaly are hardware related.Below is an outline of the most notorious causes for this type of error: This mostly occurs when the RAM occasionally triggers read and write errors.In most cases, likely changes will include download and installation of faulty or incompatible device drivers, installation of incompatible hardware devices, malware infection or faulty RAM.In case you are having the Blue screen error, you are invited to try the above solutions and let us know how it went.

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