Updating iocds

Inside Window View Model I have some objects like Document View Model which has also some properties.But without setting Document View Model as Context of my Label!Ok, now build the project and you will see that the Label and Text Box for Age are hidden until you check the box.For example, in the above project, it is annoying how the Check Box moves up and down in position because Visibility.The simplest user control might look like this: The simplest use of a user control would be like this: In the code above, I simply declare the user control and the rest is done for me.You can reference it in the code behind or you can reference it in the XAML.For details about the z EC12 server, see IBM z Enterprise EC12 Technical Introduction, SG24-8050, and IBM z Enterprise EC12 Technical Guide, SG24-8049.

Like this: In the code above we don’t set the data context of the user control, we set the data context of the first child in the user control.The dependency property does the rest – and that’s that!WPF provides a simple and powerful way to auto-update data between the business model and the user interface.Everytime when the data of your business model changes, it automatically reflects the updates to the user interface and vice versa.So you can use it directly without referencing it from the resources.

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