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Adding changes to your Word Press site is a good practice to keep it worth reading.

But what to do, if the changes you did in content or design are not committed.

Actually, Word Press pages are not getting updated with the changes you did. I got many queries that users made many changes to Word Press theme, page, post or widget.

After some tinkering around and research, we managed to find several potential solutions.There should be a solution that would fix the issue permanently.After doing a bit more research, we found that this issue was being caused by caching plugin.As a matter of last resort, if you have a caching plugin like W3 Total Cache or WP-Supercache installed then you may have to clear the cache from your admin panel or simply disable caching the feeds.Although this is written for W3 Total Cache, a similar method will work for other plugins. Under that there should be an option for “Page Cache”.

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