Turbo lister not updating categories

If you have a year other than the current year set on your system, please change it to the current year.Also, the Date format should be in mm/dd/yy in Windows regional settings, which can be accessed from the Windows Control Panel. If you have a firewall installed, you may need to configure it to support the current version of Turbo Lister.

So, for users that use e Bay Picture Services for their images, or Item Specifics for their listings, they will need to re-enter this information after importing the CSV file.

The latest version of Internet Explorer can be found at: 7.

The Cipher Strength in your version of Internet Explorer may cause this issue.

To register this file on your computer, please click "Start - Run" and enter: regsvr32 msxml33.

The date on your computer system being set incorrectly can also cause this error.

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