It was daunting to say the least- many of the girls were worried that they might not make it.I pulled my girls aside and said a prayer to Heavenly Father that we would be strong and that we would be able to do hard things. My dear friend Wendy pulled the women together, she had made a sign that said "angels among us" and two of our YW with some physical challenges carried this sign up the hill in front of the 1st handcart.Before we started, the sweet violin music of one of my dearest friends rang through the air - she was playing "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing".The spirit was so strong that I was crying before we even started pushing..If you have any interest in SNES RPGs then I urge you to grab the patch for Seiken Densetsu 3, unoffically known as the sequal to secret of mana.You can get the patch from the insanely dedicated neill corlett.Sadly you are going to need something to patch, and for that you are on your own.Google is however your best friend Here is the first boss. I am going to play it through and write a review with some actual detail when I have finished it.

The next experience was the Womens Pull - The men were called away and separated from the Women.

Once arriving at the Cove, we were divided into families and loaded our handcarts for the trail. Our stake really helped us feel the spirit by re-enacting the Sweetwater Rescue at 6th Crossing. at which time 4 YM from our stake stood as each of those names were read. I wept thinking about the mother of that boy and the pride and fear she must have felt as she sent her son east as part of the rescue party. I was overcome with the spirit and as I sat and watched these 4 boys carry YW across the river – I know in my heart that the boys in the rescue party over 150 years ago would not have changed 1 thing about that day.

As we were preparing to cross the Sweetwater at 6th crossing – the spirit was strong as the Missionaries spoke of the challenge of that cold day in late October when four boys assigned as part of the rescue party gave many dying pioneer men and women new hope that they might survive until reaching the valley. I know with certainty – that they would not have come out of that icy, frigid water until every person was safely across and I don’t think they ever once would have thought of their own suffering.

I am just up to the second boss and while the story hasn't captured me in quite the same way Illusion of Gaia did it is showing potential.

On July 9-12, the Union Park Stake attended Youth Conference - Trek at Martins Cove! Kenyon and I were called to be a Ma and Pa way back in January.

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