Tortoisegit updating to revision dating strona milosc

I expect a fast commit and instead am seeing " Preparing commit..." dialog with " Updating index" and taking > 20 minutes as it seemingly runs through every file in the repo.

This seem to have just started after updating to tortoisegit git version running on xp sp3 Please provide any additional information below.

Create a new revision on that branch with an updated submodlue cd submodule/ git checkout submod_second cd .. On master create a conflict with the file change (nothing to do with the submodule) git checkout master \#bring the submodule back to the revision it should be in master git submodule update \#create a conflict with the file only echo oldfile > git commit -am "updating file" 4.

Attempt a rebase from local_second git checkout local_second git submodule update \#At this point, we are on the local_second branch with no local changes (submodule and files are up to date) \#TGIT: show log \#TGIT: change branch in log window to master \#TGIT: right click the 'master' label and click on 'rebase "local_second" on to this' \#TGIT: click start rebase What is the expected output? Once the rebase has started, a conflict will show in file.txt, but the submodule will show as modified as well.

Create a submodule repository and fill it with some content git init submodule cd submodule/ echo "hi" >> git add git commit -am "adding content" \#create a second branch with different content. git init local cd local/ git submodule add -b master ../submodule git commit -am "adding submodule" echo "file.txt" > git add git commit -m "adding file" REPRODUCTION STEPS 1.

I have uploaded a setup script to prepare the repo to demonstrate this. on February 05, 2013 (imported from Google Code)* --- What steps will reproduce the problem?

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