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So what if these people love to crap out their poo and smear it all over their faces and body.

They even love the stench of it, pardon, the nice smell of it all. You've never had an erection as you were taking a crap?

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Usually of primary concern is age, sex, race, stature and evidence of trauma or disease.

The following bones were sent to you: one skull, two mandibles and two ulnae.

Both of his dogs were attracted to something on the edge of the sandhill’s at the back of the beach and refused to come when he called.

It is not intended for promotion child abuse or any illegal things.

Some characters have some dark, terrible secret in their pasts that they don't want anyone to know. It doesn't matter how big or small the secret is, it just matters that the person keeping it thinks that it's vitally important that it stay hidden.

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