Speed dating newcastle university

Despite decades of sexual health campaigns, information and education, high-risk sexual practices remain a key public concern.

This project aims to explore the dynamics of high-risk sexual practices within publicly identified heterosexual men.

Tickets and entry is £5 (£4 for RAG members) and it will be a night full of cheap drinks, £2.50 doubles and £1 Sambuca shots, yes please.

He is currently working on examining how men negotiate different dating practices in the areas of speed dating, online dating, holiday romance, anonymous sex and mobile romance.

Alongside this, he is also developing research in the field of men, risk and sexual health.

The University of Newcastle, Callaghan Campus Oval 4 Getting there - Enter the Ring Road from University Drive and take to Parking 2. Walk across to the Wallatuka Building and you're there!

Chris Haywood is a Reader in Critical Masculinity Studies.

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