Smart singles dating site

Just as many dirtbags as on other sites and hardly ANYONE in my area and I live in freaking Silicon Valley! Elite Singles advertises that 80% of people on here have a college or university education. I am a college professor, they matched me with the women with high school diploma living 1000 miles away, most of them having no photos.

Today I happened to be looking for something in my bank statement and saw they billed me for 2.00. I send an email telling them a second time today to cancel. If you want to meet someone then keep your eyes open to those around you within your daily walk.

And ceo of this company can go to Iehova eyewitnesses himself or to hell. oopsies, hope this company will become bankrupt soon, God please I am convinced that most of the profiles of men on this site are fake.

They refused to give me the full amount and referred me to the fine print in their user agreement.

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I found it much better - I met so many intelligent, beautiful, not spoiled women, all ladies have photos, everyone is polite and feminine. These were not faceless men that lived hundreds miles away at least. Although I set my distance parameters to within 100 miles from me, the website continued to re-set to 300 miles. However, it's not quite true after trying out the app.

The only possible problem can be the language, make sure you look for ladies who can speak your language. Lots of men I got introduced to is scary looking, super far away and not educated or professionals.

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