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A Sussex teenager has been found guilty of murdering a man in his 50s he'd met on the gay app Grindr.

Ben Bamford tried to rob Paul Jefferies in February, after building up a £400 drugs debt.

Bamford went downstairs to get away but said he found the door locked.

He knew that his clothes and his phone was upstairs and he would have to go back up there.

He told staff there he had had self-harmed but officers believed he caused them himself during the attack.

He was transferred to the Queen Victoria Hospital in East Grinstead for surgery.

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Bamford himself told the court he had met up with Mr Jefferies that night in the hope he would help him pay off his debt.A neighbour reported hearing the sounds of wheels spinning on the gravel as a car pulled off the shared driveway.This was Bamford fleeing the scene by stealing his victim’s Audi TT car and meeting up with two friends to help him get to hospital as he had suffered a serious injury to his hand during the fight.He had significant head and neck injuries and there were signs of a struggle throughout the property but no forced entry.Mr Jefferies had been killed in a prolonged brutal attack two days before and the suspect had locked the door of the cottage and fled.

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