Servlet program for updating database

Authentication Filter - Requested Resource::/Servlet DBLog4j Example/Login 223055 [http-bio-8080-exec-2] INFO com.journaldev.servlet.filters. Register Servlet - User registered with [email protected] [http-bio-8080-exec-10] INFO com.journaldev.servlet.filters.

Since we are using Servlet 3, we don’t need to configure it in and we just need to annotate it with @Web Listener annotation. Http Servlet Response; @Web Servlet("/App Error Handler") public class App Error Handler extends Http Servlet package com.journaldev.servlet.filters; import Login Servlet resource is used to validate the user input for login and forward them to home page or incase of missing data, provide useful information to user. User Registration Page: Registration Success Page: Login Page: User Home Page: 404 Error Page: Input Validation Error Page: log4j Log File: dbexample.log: 0 [localhost-start Stop-1] INFO com.journaldev.servlet.filters. Some sample execution pages are shown in below images.

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