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Jayne also believes in keeping dancers strong and flexible because she truly believes that strength is grace!

"Dance" expresses what we are from the inside - out.

In 1984 she got out her old "Al Gilbert Tap Exercise" LPs and her Luigi Warm Up album and started practicing on the porch! Jayne has been so lucky to continue learning with so many "GREATS"... Brenda Buffalino, Arthur Duncan (from Lawrence Welk) Jerry Aimes, Sam Webber, Cholly Atlins (a Motown Choreographer) Lynn Daley, Diane Walker (from the movie "TAP") Savion Glover (remember when he was on Sesame Street?

) and even Gregory Hines, who Jayne still quotes to all the boys and men interested in dance, but hesitant to give it a try - Gregory always said "It's the place to meet all the girls! " Jayne credits "Johnson and Peters", a Dancing Duo that have their own studio in Seattle (originally with Shirley Jenkins on Capitol Hill) for regenerating and energizing TAP in the Northwest! When former students return or bring their kids back to our studio to dance, Jayne feels we've done our job.

Debbie Reynolds would often stop by and observe classes looking for local talent for her "Debbie Reynolds Show".

She was born into the love of dance in 1992 just ten days after recital!

Aariel truly enjoys teaching the middle school/high school age classes and hopes to inspire others who may be transitioning into their teen and adult years to continue with their interests regardless of peer pressure or stereotypes.

In addition to her background, she continues to study from world-renowned master dance teachers.

She was one of three to make the team from her class.

She was [art of the Drill team for three years where they earned many “superior” awards for their routines during competitions.

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