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Around 4,000 people are active on the service each day, 47 percent of whom register as having beards.

Kershaw says he gets some money from merchandise and donations, but that barely covers the cost of his morning coffee.

They made it official with an LA wedding last January.

They have no children yet, but have hatched many an Instagram about how smitten they are with each other: “Happy Birthday to my Beautiful Wife .

One day last fall, Kershaw was thinking about how he could contribute to the growing "on-demand" economy of Uber, Airbnb and online dating."I was stroking my beard and thinking there's got to be something that I can come up with," he says. The tagline came first: "Connecting those with beards to those who want to stroke beards." Kershaw says he was mostly joking when he posted a signup page on Facebook for the service, then yet to be developed.

To his surprise, 70 people showed interest within a week.

He says he's been using Google Translate to exchange messages with a woman in Brazil.

He hasn't gone on any Bristlr dates yet but has plans for a few meet-ups. Another user, Liz in Brooklyn, New York, met a guy for beers and burgers, and says she's even run into two ex-boyfriends on the service.

A Bristlr user named Lisa says she went on a bowling date in Washington, D. Rob Ruminski, 37, who runs a video production company in Melbourne, Australia, says that within seconds of his first Bristlr date, the woman ran her hands through his beard.

Then there are those who take beard admiration to a whole other level.

means sexual arousal from touching a beard or having a beard touched.

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