Scandinvian dating services

Researcher Stanley Kurz raised the red flag a couple of years ago, when he claimed in the influential conservative journal The Weekly Standard that marriage is slowly dying in Scandinavia.

A majority of children in Sweden and Norway are born out of wedlock.

They probably cover the main benefits: they provide a service to people who are unable to meet other for one reason or another and the opportunity to get in touch with other people sharing the same ideas with the same difficulties.

The new myth is that the institution of marriage is disappearing.

These ideals of stability, love, and commitment havent gone out of style, even in progressive and liberal Scandinavia.

The biological, nuclear family and true love are still very popular as ideals, and people are getting married more now than they did five years ago, according to Berthe Linddal Hansen, a researcher at the Copenhagen Institute of Future Studies.

About half of my Swedish friends with children are not formally married.

But these unmarried couples are all in ordinary family relationships, no better or worse than the relationships of couples I know who are married.

How does one reconcile ideals of the traditional family with other drives for individual fulfillment and self-realization?This is one reason people are waiting until they are older to settle down, have children and possibly marry.In Scandinavia individual freedom is valued so high. You have your destiny in your own hands and can do anything you want.USA Today echoed these sentiments recently, suggesting that marriage in parts of Scandinavia is dying. One assumes that there are tens of thousands of abandoned children wandering the streets of Stockholm and Helsinki, neglected and unloved, while the only people getting married, presumably, are romantically-minded gay couples. My personal reaction to Kurz claimas someone who has lived and worked in Sweden since 1986was amazement.In the first place, I wondered why the American researcher would be so worried about marital bliss, or the lack thereof, among people living on the roof of Europe.

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