Rebecca st james dating james haven

French for the word “shelter,” L’Abri was established as a community study center where Christians and non-Christians alike could seek honest answers about God and the meaning and purpose of life.

During the 1970s and ’80s especially, L’Abri was a profound source of inspiration for the fledgling Christian music community.

Together, Francis and Edith urged Christians to become disciplined scholars, championed the arts, encouraged women who chose to be homemakers, and helped unify evangelical opposition to abortion.

James, a Grammy winner, author, speaker and 12-year Christian music veteran. A young woman — wise beyond her years — who never set out to make a name for herself, but who used her success and the platform that music gave her to share her faith with others.

A young woman who has toured and recorded year-in, year-out, trying to live up to the professional hype and her own expectations in the midst of our confused, celebrity-obsessed culture. Rebecca has struggled with self-image, as most young women do.

"It works better this way, " James said, turning Rebecca around so her back was against the wall. She took his organ in her hand and put her pretty lips around it. "That's what I was looking for," Rebecca said with a smile.

With a wet kiss, she rubbed her body closely against his. Now she turned so that her head was by James's crotch.

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