Primary prevention dating violence

The major resource required to sustain the program is dedicating teaching time to the delivery of training.

A school wishing to implement Safe Dates with 20 teachers, each with a class of 25, could expect the following costs: Safe Dates is a very low cost program and many districts are able to purchase training materials through their general curriculum funds and then dedicate classroom teacher time to delivering the training.

Community activities consist of special services for adolescents in abusive relationships (e.g., a crisis line, weekly support groups, materials for parents) and community service provider training. This training has demonstrated its ability to help participants implement Safe Dates in a way that will garner the outcomes it promises (due to fidelity to the model) and to significantly decrease preparation time.

Follow-up results at one year showed a relapse in behavioral outcomes, but at four year follow-up, the following results were found among Safe Dates participants compared to the control group participants: Safe Dates was evaluated with 8th and 9th grade students in 14 public schools that were matched and each matched pair was then randomly assigned to treatment or control conditions. Generally, implementation training is offered on-site for school districts or community organizations, but occasionally Hazelden will offer open-enrollment workshops for multiple organizations.

In order for this commitment to be sustained over time, it is important for the program to have key champions at the school level – administrators, teachers, parents, and students - who will advocate for the importance of the program.

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Redirection: The most critical support necessary to sustain Safe Dates is for District and School administrators to commit to dedicating classroom teaching time to delivery of the curriculum.

Foundation grants and public-private partnerships are an important financing strategy for Safe Dates.

Districts that find it difficult to identify dollars to support the initial training and curriculum purchases can potentially partner with a local foundation or corporation to support these costs.

The 45-minute theater production, about how an adolescent victim of dating violence seeks help with her violent relationship, addresses many of the mediating variables related to help-seeking.

The poster contest is described during day 10 of the curriculum, and interested students develop posters that address themes in the curriculum.

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