Piolo pascual and shaina magdayao dating

He said what matters is that they value, treasure and appreciate what they both have.

Now that we know that Shaina is exclusively dating, it won’t hurt to remember those she’s been with for the past years.

The Kapamilya actor drew confusion from the fans when his statement regarding his relationship with Magdayao contradicts that of Shaina Magdayao.

During the interview, Pascual said he has been “exclusively dating” Magdayao for five years. You speak the same language, you are on the same page, so kasama ang mga ganyan.

"Whatever it is, I guess we just have to mutually respect everyone involved and not to talk more about it. Later, he added, "Whatever Shaina and I have, it's really something that we value, something that we treasure and we appreciate about what we have." In an interview with ABS-CBN, Shaina said that she is holding back because she wants her next boyfriend to be the man she marries.

"I’m at a point in my life na I really value the word commitment (For me, the term husband is too heavy.

But again since nagkaka-edad na and we don't take commitment lightly, I pray that my next one would be the right one. Huwag po kayong excited and I'm just thankful for his genuine presence in my life right now," she concluded.

In 2013, Shaina was linked to Sam Milby, who was incidentally also linked to Piolo Pascual.

Piolo Pascual says he and Shaina Magdayao have been seeing each other for 5 years.

The each have given conflicting statements about the status of their relationship.

Piolo thinks as long as they are both on the same page, it doesn’t matter.

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