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Codex Theme Standard Codex Word Press theme standard is based on various rules which include security rules as well and hence our free templates in Word Press are very secured and of highest coding standards.Most people in search of better opportunities often try their hand in entrepreneurship and thus give birth to local small business which leads them to opening their business at their own place or nearby.Theme Options Features Theme options are the most easiest and the biggest advantage of them over standard Word Press Customizer is that they are uncluttered and the space can be utilised properly.Also they are also easy to use and easy to add lots of options.SKT Themes presents best responsive free Word Press themes with slider download for all needs use free Word Press templates for any business website use.Premium functionality, easy to use theme options, responsive, no HTML knowledge needed, Word Press codex handbook referred and GPL licensed themes. And why are they unique and different from the rest of the themes available outside.

Translation Ready Translation readiness is again desired as many customers and users who use Word Press free themes aren’t native English speakers and hence each theme consists of Po file which can be used to easily convert the themes into any language they need.13.

Hence its important that a website for any local business should focus on information at hand, reliability, how they started it, why its unique or why their service or offering is unique, why people should consider doing business with them and what’s different and their testimonials, and contact form and location map.

Of course for all of these to be properly laid out in a website it is essential that spending is done and of course quality work with cost money and web development doesn’t come that cheap and hence its better to consider local business free Word Press templates which can come in handy to build your website as easily as you want.

The business can vary from product to service to any idea one can think of.

Small local business however find it very hard to compete with bigger companies who have monopoly over pricing, customers, can pay more for advertising and have more customers to show their testimonials and previous reliability.

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