Paralegal dating defendant

I have never heard of someone obtaining a paralegal "degree." In any event, a paralegal will have to complete three years of law school, just like everyone else, write the Bar Exams, and be called to the Bar. A paralegal is a position who works to assist an attorney.In a lose analogy, a paralegal and a lawyer are similar to a nurse and a doctor.The post-baccalaureate paralegal certificate program at Globe University/Minnesota School of Business provides legal knowledge and realted skills valued by employees in law firms, corporate legal departments, the military and government agencies.The paralegal ceritificate demonstrates readiness to provide legal services under supervision of an attorney.Paralegals are not required to be licensed by the state or any other agency, and therefore have…Researching citations, filing documents, doing legal research for the attorney, preparing documents.

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Most are not, but there is at least 1000 hours of training… And so could the secretary, administrative assistant, office manager or anyone else the attorney likes.You do a lot of the work of the attorney under his supervision.The attorney checks your work and appears in court.It is very easy for the junior person to claim sexual harassment, when it exists, and when it does not exist.Generally, stupid, but not necessarly unethical.... An example of an unethical attorney-client relationship is if an attorney reveals confidential information that the client told him or her in confidence.

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