Online dating during the holidays

Far from appearing in life as decent and pleasant as on their posted photos, some of these strangers might prove to be emotionally disturbed, violent, and downright villainous.

Coming across such individuals might have grave and even fatal consequences for your well-being or at least your holiday festivities.

Dating during the busy holidays can be challenging!

More and more people turn to Tinder seeking companionship during this holiday season.

And yet, as we have already learned from our friends and stories told through various media channels, befriending people on Tinder, or any other dating website for that can come at a price as people get themselves involved with strangers.

A peril of online dating is the idea that people are expendable if they aren’t exactly perfect.

Try to take the time to get to know someone in person who has potential. Make a list of the 10 things you must have in a partner and 10 things that are deal-breakers. Maybe it’s religion, politics, children, animals, smoking, etc.

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