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Construction on the world’s first nuclear reactor, the B Reactor, began in June.

White residents of towns like Hanford and White Bluffs were offered minimal compensation for their property.

On January 13, 1943, General Leslie Groves officially selected the Hanford area as the Manhattan Project’s plutonium production site.

Nez Perce tribal elder Veronica Taylor recalls, “My dad had to go away to military training and go into the war.

With little warning, the Manhattan Project abruptly disrupted Native Americans’ traditional ways of life.

Afterwards, decades of environmental contamination further eroded Native Americans’ former lands and traditional lifeways.

All the natural foods and medicines were quite abundant here.” Taylor has a similar recollection.

“It was kind of like a farmer’s market, where people came and traded goods and materials and foods with each other,” she reminisces.

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