My dad dating my mother law

You never want to hear it, Brooke, but your father, your perfect father, wants to screw me out of everything." Then she started crying.

Dismantling a family is hardly a linear process, and grieving isn't either. An adult child has known her parents only with each other.

Two summers after my parents separated, I visit home for a week. Before arriving at Aunt Junie's I imagined either I would immediately hate my father's girlfriend and refuse ever to see her again, or I would love her. To see Dad kiss another woman is like watching a scene from my very own version of The Twilight Zone.

There was the realization that home would never be the same.They wanted me to hear about every jab and knockout punch they'd exchanged. It was one of the few things Dad threw into his bag when he left Mom's house a year ago. He stopped sleeping through the night after he and Mom separated.Dad had wanted me to come over to his new place to show me his Fender Strat, a guitar he had just bought. I didn't realize how little alone time I'd spent with my father until the split. Mom, with her hair long and blond and pushed back in a headband.After a few years of living this way, he revealed that he never wanted to live with another woman again. But as time went on, I realized he was thriving on his own—and he began to even inspire me.He proudly declared that he would be a bachelor forever. Throughout my 20s, when I'd feel hopelessly rejected from another failed relationship, there he was, showing me that single life was enjoyable and freeing. He was teaching me to focus on my own aspirations and goals—that living "selfishly" can be a deliberate and liberating choice.

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