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The business trained over 5,000 men globally, and he became the authority figure on mens dating advice, as well as authoring 2 best selling books on the subject.At 27, he made the switch to marketing consultancy and worked with many big brands in the USA.

Justin joined Nick at Lets Get Girls early in, after meeting Nick outside of a nightclub while the two were talking to the same girls.

Contact: Email – [email protected] – Justin Aguiar Together, Justin and Nick have changed countless peoples lives by showing others that they can live life however they want.

Neil started his career in the british army, but achieved huge success with his dating seminar business that he launched during his last 2 years of service.

Mark Manson is from Austin, Texas, USA and graduated from Boston University in 2007.

He began coaching men informally that same year, taking them out to local bars and helping them approach attractive women.

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