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But there's something missing from an intimacy standpoint that they're unwilling to live without.They're told live without it or get a divorce—we offer a third path."So you're suggesting Ashley Madison is a force for good, I ask, a little sarcastically."Exactly," Keable laughs.Unlike Facebook or Linked In, where you have a continuing relationship with that brand which might be daily, an affair dating site works differently.You might come on, meet someone in the first month or two and then go off and have a three-month affair, where you don't login to the system, then you come back after that affair ends.

And that is extraordinary."We represent how a company can come back from what could be seen as catastrophic circumstances," chief strategy officer Paul Keable tells me, "if you take the right approach.As cyberattacks and data breaches go, Ashley Madison was the big one, the mother lode.Overnight, the lives of millions of people were turned upside down. There were reported suicides as humiliation and panic hit in dozens of countries around the world.The websites where nervous spouses could search for details of their partners. As things stand today, Ashley Madison has amassed around 32 million new users since the hack."Before the events of 2015, we had some 30,000 new people joining every day," Keable tells me, "we're now back to around 22,000." Back in 2015, the company was active in some 50 countries, directly marketing in more than 20.Now the focus is only North America, Keable explains, "right now we're only marketing in three or four countries." And so that 22,000 number is misleadingly low—and the company is about to go on a growth tear, expanding into Europe and Latin America, taking its brand back out across the world.

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