Kenny chesney dating girl from video

Chesney wrote the hit song, “You Had Me from Hello” after watching the movie, “When Renée Zellweger said that line, I thought ‘That could be a great song’.” The couple briefly dated and then married on May 9th, 2005.

It would seem the matter is closed after she shared, “I’d said all I needed to say on that subject.” Adding, “I’m an old-fashioned gal who doesn’t feel it’s appropriate to hang out your laundry on the lawn.”Country music songstress Miranda Lambert was swept off her feet by one of the NYPD’s very own and secretly married the handsome officer in January!

After the concert, she told me she had sex with him. Sorry, but he was still cute and hot back in '09 and I would have back then. He definitely didn't steal her money so he must have lied about who he was. Granted I was not at every KC concert I have only seen it an a few occasions and never could say I saw him with a guy, but I have seen it, goodlooking guys picked out of the crowd to go back stage. Godwins law obtains re: Koch, Rethugs, Tea of any variety, followed by Scientology, Sarah, and Rev Ted. When I worked for Media Matters, these were my go-to about ten years ago he had a concert at the mark of the Quad Cities.

Cant confirm this obviously but real no reason for her to lie Did your friend provide any lurid, tawdry details about her tryst with young Mr. She was dumb not to see that a mile away but YES KENNY CHESNEY IS GAY. his handlers picked a couple younger, muscular, twinkish guys to meet him. my friend told me he was invited by Kenny to his hotel room and he accepted.

I can tell you for sure I have never seen Kenny with a guy. R56, i'm not calling bs but at his concert in Tampa '09 they asked people to send pix by text. Met his girlfriend multiple times and he totally has a crush on a lady singer but he would never act on it! His music is the only thing that blows...r59 and I am not calling your friend a liar either...butthere is a band too.

What I can tell you is I have seen his people pick very good looking, muscular 20-25 year olds out of the crowd and invite them to go back stage to meet Kenny. they pulled my friend and two other girls and they watched the show from the first row. Renee found out too late and had to use "fraud" as a reason for divorce. Not just KC but i have seen a lot of big names where the girls get back stage and get with a band member but the story is so much better if they say they got with the big name. Gay isn't a political, cultural or regional affliction, trolls.

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