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While her plan to kill Scott failed, she managed to escape capture and ran away from the Calaveras and her brother Chris.

She returned to Beacon Hills during the war between hunters and supernaturals to finish her job, killing Scott.

(Read More...) Kate joins her brother on a hunt for Derek and, later, follows Allison to the Hale House and offers to help her not feel weak again.

She blamed Scott for the death of her niece Allison and for what she termed "the decimation" of the Argent family.The Calaveras took her to Mexico where she fully recovered and faked a suicide to escape.She is seen briefly in what appears to be an Aztec temple, guarding a sealed tomb where Derek is tied up.But she then realized that her dad was the real enemy after he shot her, because he didn’t see her as a human anymore.So, after she reconciled with Chris, she turned into a Werejaguar and killed Gerard. The gravestone reads "KATHERINE ARGENT 1983-2011" The night Kate came to town she was chased by the Alpha Werewolf, shot Derek Hale with a wolfsbane tipped bullet and forced Scott into an awkward dinner with Allison's parents.

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