John gray dating advice

” With Lauren and an allegiance of fans by his side (including the Dating team!

), it looks like Gray has another successful 40 years ahead of him.

Learn if he's ready to move toward exclusivity, the third stage of dating. Click here to share your story and get relationship advice from your peers, or click here to read all topics.

When you hear the name John Gray, your mind probably goes to his best-selling book “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus,” but this great book isn’t the only thing that’s cemented his name as a mainstay in this field.

From living as a celibate monk and working as a marriage counselor, to everything else in between, each moment of Gray’s life has shaped his impressive career. I had the honor of speaking with Gray, and he shared with me the top four ways he became (and still remains) the trusted authority he is today.

With Gray, you won’t see any flip-flopping — consistency is one of his strong suits.

It is such a common pattern for men: rather than listening, they offer solutions.

He might think he is being helpful, but to her, he is simply being dismissive.

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Give examples of what he has done if you want to be heard.“In the last 15 years of 40 years of doing this, I focus equally on health, brain health particularly, hormonal balance and stress and how stress affects us and our relationships,” he said.“Often people don’t relate to each other anymore, and that is a function of inhibited brain function, where you can be present with somebody.Whatever she says, her man comes back with, "So once again everything has to be your way, everything you want is such a big deal." Statements like these often stem from a male's sense of frustration that his partner has more accomplished verbal skills.Getting in the final word is simply taking a verbal swipe that says, "I refuse to let you think that you have won this argument."Saying things like "We never spend time together." or "You're not doing the things that you said you would do." are not specific enough for men.

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