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Do not take this the wrong way but, although they work, most Jamaican men do not think women should stay at home.If you plan to date a Jamaican man anytime in the near future, start practicing in the kitchen from now or else if they ever date you and find out that you cannot cook, they are either going to boot you out the door or um, cheat on you with somebody who can cook.On the other hand, Jamaica men are some of the best cooks on this side of the western hemisphere.Jamaican women are known for their strong personality and can be very opinionated. Learn to love her flaws and her “curves” just as she will learn to love yours.A majority of Jamaican men grew up in homes in which their mothers were tantalizing cooks so they are used to their curry goat and rice and peas, oxtail and rice and peas, brown-stewed chicken and ground provisions.

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