Is henry cavill dating jillian michaels uk dating show

I’m sure that his team has notified him of the extensive PR damage by now, but it’s not like he can keep checking his name on the Internet while he’s on vacation.But let’s just say that he’s not a total moron, and that he does know that his new girlfriend is leaking pictures of them together.That means that he’s genuinely doesn’t give a rat’s ass what his fans think, and that he really is a hypocritical idiot who doesn’t deserve his success.If he doesn’t know that his girlfriend Marisa Gonzalo is leaking all these pictures behind his back, then he’s just stupid.

Anyway, Henry has a little bit of Cumberbatch in him, I’ve decided.

Here we have for you a list of 9 women who he has dated: Henry Cavill had dated Marisa Gonzalo, and she was 10 years younger than him.

The fans were not really happy about this and, had said that Marisa would post images about killing animals and even brag about the act.

Then again, Henry did date Kaley Cuoco for a hot second last year, and we all know how much of a PR fauxmance that was.

Anyway, it’s odd enough that Henry is dating someone a decade younger than him, and it’s even odder that he’s dating a professed animal killer.

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