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But while one crushing blow after another has kept talk of the most blatant of curses—not just periodic misfortune, but the specter of death—alive, different members of the family have processed the ongoing conversation in their own ways."I've come to believe that it's not what has happened to our family that has been cursed as much as it's the fact that we've never been able to deal with it privately," Eunice Kennedy Shriver, the fifth of Joseph Sr.

However, this burden is one we Kennedys have carried for generations.

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Kennedy Sr.—Wall Street tycoon, Hollywood studio head, epic philanderer and political visionary. Which it did for a few short years, a fleeting era known, thanks to Jacqueline Kennedy, as Camelot.Not necessarily personally (although there are so many of them, whether they still have the last name or not, that it's certainly possible you've crossed paths with one), but they've been part of the collective American consciousness for almost a century. And countless other members of the family have served this country in some way, be it as ambassadors, cabinet members, environmental activists, journalists, educators, organizers, artists or philanthropists.Or, on the other end of the civic spectrum, as punchlines, scandalmongers and objects of morbid fascination.Jackie Kennedy lost her husband in the most shattering way imaginable and in the most glaring of public spotlights.The circumstances of JFK's death, while officially settled, continued to be debated for the rest of her life—and probably still will be for the rest of ours.

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