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The talk was at a fever pitch when she stepped out for the Met Gala without Cooper in May.Weeks later, a source told People magazine that they had called it quits and were amicably working on a custody agreement regarding Lea.“She’s been out with a few hunky guys already and is planning to fill her calendar with hot dates,” a supposed source tells the magazine.The suspicious insider adds, “It would give her a real kick to parade a bunch of gorgeous, famous men – plus some mysterious ones – in front of Bradley, just to show him she’s not sitting around feeling sorry for herself.” The alleged tipster concludes, “She’s really excited about the idea of playing the field and knows she can get any man she wants.” .Actor Bradley Cooper, 44, and model Irina Shayk, 33, may not see eye-to-eye on their relationship, but they are on the same page about their daughter.TMZ reports Cooper and Shayk have agreed to live in New York City and share physical and legal custody of Lea, 2.Irina Shayk wants to get revenge on Bradley Cooper by dating a guy who’s his total opposite?

Several reputable publications have reported that even noted there’s “no drama” between the exes, who are happy to share joint custody of their child. "Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga House-Hunting In Los Angeles, Getting Engaged? Its source also rejected the notion they would date right now, saying Cooper would not participate in that.“There’s no way Gaga and Bradley will get together," that insider said.I can tell more in the letter Sense of humor, cheerfulness and responsibility are the features I would like my man to have.From my side I can promise the same – what I take that I give!

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