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“It was meant to be a helpful, supportive movement.” As her social life picked up, Alana abandoned the website by 2000 and turned it over to someone else.

She didn’t realize the term incel had been adopted by the hateful fringe until early 2015 when she picked up a magazine and noticed an article about Mr.

The incels on these forums blame their problems − often, their virginity − on others.

They often refer to sexually active men as “Chads” and women as “Stacys.” And while these sites may be well outside the mainstream, they boast a surprisingly large following.

In recent years, it has become infamous as a home for online trolls.

Web-ranking service Alexa reports 4chan is among the 100 most popular websites in the United States.

The incel community exists in a dark corner of the internet, infamous for its sexist, racist and homophobic language, where cyberbullying and posts normalizing rape are common.

It’s not a happy feeling.” A Facebook page belonging to Mr.

Minassian posted an update on Monday afternoon proclaiming an “Incel Rebellion,” just before, police allege, he accelerated a white rental van, plowing into a crowded street in the North York neighbourhood, killing 10 and injuring more than a dozen others.

Ellis notes that while those in the incel community, like other online groups that could be prone to violence, may be more public in their ideology, that means intelligence and policing agencies need to be more vigilant in monitoring them. Ellis added that he’s monitoring a specific user who idolizes Mr. “It’s very cold and calculating and he’s saying very specifically what he is doing.” At the same time, Mr.

Ellis said, governments must be “realistic with the public in terms of what we’re capable of preventing and what we can’t.” Multiple posters on incel forums seemed to recognize that increased scrutiny may now be coming.

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