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A new metal license plate cannot be issued until your case is resolved in court.A registration denial is imposed against a Repeat Offender.Test failures, tampering, or other BAIID-related violations will result in an extension of the time before the driver can ask for another driver license appeal hearing, or may require that the original license revocation/denial be reinstated.If you have ANY questions about the BAIID installed on your vehicle, ask your installer.

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If you choose to switch vehicles or manufactures, once the device is removed you have 72 hours to get ......A Guide to Ignition Interlock Devices Ignition Interlock: What you should know THE LAW: If you have any of the following combination of drunk or drugged driving convictions, the law indicates that you are a Habitual Offender: The Secretary of State is required to revoke the driver license of a Habitual Offender and deny his or her application for another license.After the minimum period of revocation/denial, a Habitual Offender may be eligible for a driver license appeal hearing.You are a Repeat Offender if you have: Penalties Under the Repeat Offender Laws Vehicle Registration If you are arrested as a repeat offender, the law-enforcement officer will destroy the metal license plate of the vehicle you are driving, even if you don't own the vehicle.A temporary paper license plate will be issued, which will allow the vehicle to be driven legally.

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