Grounds for invalidating a patent

A type of administrative litigation which occurs before the U. To permanently transfer rights to a patent application or patent, as distinguished from a license. DC-based professional organization that represents the interests of the intellectual property community, including the patent bar.A Latin term, used as an adjective, indicating that an act (typically an adjudicative process) is done at the initiative of one party only, and without notice to other parties or the public.This term characterizes the patent examination process.Filing a declaratory judgment can have tactical, procedural, or financial benefits over just waiting to be sued.

Distinguished from ex ante or carrot licensing where the technology is knowingly and voluntarily licensed in advance. The chronologically ordered gazette of the United States, cataloguing public notices and advisories, proposed and final rules and regulations, and requests for information and comment by the various organs of the Federal Government. American Intellectual Property Law Association, formerly the American Patent Law Association. Aggregators often license patents nonexclusively to shareholders or other insiders, and then sell the patents to patent assertion entities (PAEs) to monetize. AIA made modest reforms, most notably moving the U. to a first-inventor-to-file system more aligned with foreign practice, but also including expanding prior user rights to all patent-eligible subject matter, and instituting a post-grant review proceeding. The AIPA made minor changes to patent law, including requiring publication of most patent applications after 18 months and promoting the USPTO Director to Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property.In return for the government-granted right to exclude that is embodied in the patent, the inventor must disclose to the public through his patent the invention for which protection is sought.Inventors unwilling to disclose their invention to the public may instead opt for trade secret protection.

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