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She also had an uncanny tolerance of spice which she applied to nearly everything she ate, a habit that is taken up by Anise who admired Ranpha for her abilities.

Thus, they were trained by their superior officer and future teammate Forte Stollen and inducted into the Angel Wing.She will attempt to help either sides of the party in need and demand that one of them (usually Tact) correct the problem immediately and be clear with his feelings.Ranpha's fiery love for Tact hasn't demonstrably diminished after their marriage as upon seeing each other again, they started boasting about their love for one another.Ranpha's judgmental nature also extends to this level of activity as she expected others to be in motion and disliked it when people showed hesitance or displayed negligence in their duties.When her expectations are not met, Ranpha is quick to anger and her high temperamental attitude usually has her yelling at others but she is quick to forget and forgive and does not like to hold grudges, even apologizing later on for what she may have done.

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