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Even if they are not vocal, most are quietly thinking negative things.You can regularly expect casual homophobic comments. I say all of this because it is an epidemic and needs to be addressed publicly.Since Catholicism has a strong grip on the open mindedness and understanding this city is capable of, this seems incredibly unlikely.I would say El Paso would probably top the list of worst "big cities" for homosexuals because, like I mentioned earlier, the homophobic nature of mexican culture, machismo, homogeneous Catholic beliefs, and poor education produce this.It’s a lovely sentiment, but, these days, most El Paso singles just don’t know where to go to fall for their own sweet señorita. However, living in the Lone Star state doesn’t have to mean living alone.We’ve come up with nine simple ways to get out there and meet available men and women in El Paso, Texas.I would go as far as to say homophobia here is an epidemic here in El Paso among the actual population.

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There's a gay district in downtown with several awesome bars - The Briar Patch being my personal favorite.

There's also a local PFLAG association and if you're attending UTEP, there are several student associations as well.

Dating websites are where most daters go to roam and mingle freely.

You lose the great outdoors but gain a more streamlined path to one-to-one connections.

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