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He took great pride in being the county Sheriff, an office he had held for the past ten years.Since the crimes in the county were few and far between, he spent most of his time assisting and helping the good law-abiding folks of...This is the second part of an origin story about the community college.Changing its name in the district that will be known as "African Heights", the school honors black culture during the exciting days of inclusion and diversity.Shell & Barry's was the name of the swing house in Oakland.One of my fiance's lovers had left her there with the expectation that I would come get her when she called.

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When he started pushing firmly into her, Connie gasped and tried to push him away, but it was no use as his strength greatly exceeded hers, and he was on top.There were a few young guys in the living room, drinking wine and I could see a few more people in the kitchen, talking around a table. There were several bedrooms there – some designated 'public' and some 'private'. The following story is both sexually and violently graphic.It includes but is not limited to extreme racial violence and violence to an unborn child.Welcome to the latest version of The Dark Wanderer!We are still putting the final touches on the website, but everything works great right now (as far as we know) and we're ready to get back to the mission.

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