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I gave notice as well and I think that was really hard; they made the choice to tell her separately.

My last project with her was assisting her for the documenta festival in 2007—holding auditions and remounting …that was going to be performed on a continuum throughout the three months of documenta. What started to happen was my experience of dance felt very small and also very precious.

It’s when something catches her in the right spot, tickles her fancy.

The piece after that, which I didn’t end up dancing in, was such a strange piece.

The physics of the work are really fascinating to me. Di, as a teacher, is able to really unlock new physical experiences where suddenly you understand that she’s not giving you detail for detail’s sake, but she’s aiming at honoring a kinetic principal that is housed inside of those details. They’re There’s one of me with glasses and braces and shaggy, weird hair and bad skin in a sequined vest doing an a cappella tap solo in a hotel lobby. It’s a small student population—there are maybe only 250 of us—and very international. Eleanor Bauer and I went to high school together; Julian Barnett was there also. It was on the top of a mountain a mile up from Palm Springs, a very enchanted forest with all these kids running down dirt paths to little cottages where you had classes. Time Out New York: I think you were just born to dance—you’re so natural it’s crazy. I have a very sedentary family even, and I was always the active one doing cartwheels in front of the television. I was born with clubfeet, actually, and had worn a cast the first year of my life so the way I can absorb shock is somewhat limited, and gymnastics was too trying. I remember years after I’d started working professionally being home for Thanksgiving and an uncle was saying the family prayer and he made some mention of, “We’re just so grateful that Neal is actually able to make a living doing that dancing stuff.” It was so foreign to them and it always has been. This end of the dance world, especially, is obscure. I’ve made a lot of peace with the scale of life that we’ve chosen for ourselves. I think the program at Tisch is sort of what you make of it. We actually had a fake senior prom when we actually graduated so I thought we could recreate that. We did an excerpt of ]; that’s where I met Diane [Madden, the company’s rehearsal director], and she kind of scooped me right in so I had that job within a few weeks of graduating, which was crazy. Even then I was struggling with injury and almost a weird, jaded, Oh the ceiling is so low and I see the people who have graduated before me and they’re working for peanuts. I have worked hard, but I also have not had to struggle in the same way that other artists have. I come from a musical family, but I was the oddball, truly. I remember Di sitting down with me and sort of like what you just said, saying, “You know you are a dancer, right? ” I, of all people, have no right to complain because I’ve had this utterly charmed career.I remember having conversations with her during that process about what we chose to interrupt, what was perhaps purely kinetic, was often vaguely and abstractly psychologically resonant. Neal Beasley: For example, what does a shudder do when it’s interjected into a dancey-dance phrase?Really looking at that sort of tension that she began to explore probably as early as but is also present in the operas I think in her treatment of narrative. I was 23, 24 and one-on-one with Trisha and Carolyn.

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