Diablo 3 frozen at updating tools

All the negative feedback had startled Blizzard into turning Diablo 3 into the cheapest date in video games, a slot machine that always pays out. But in fixing it, Blizzard has also, in a sense, completely broken it. She is loaded with so much resist, so much block and so many passive healing bonuses that most monsters can't even trouble her health bar at all.It was much more fun, it was more in keeping with the game's character - and, of course, players loved it. The strongest merely cause its final third to flicker, like an old strip light.It's not even so much about difficulty as rhythm and intensity; you want combat to see-saw but not spike, to give after offering just the right amount of resistance.With the abundant tools offered to you by Reaper of Souls, you play the game like a mixing desk.The good news is that Blizzard is on the case and actively working on patches to address many of these graphics issues in Mac OS X, but nobody is quite sure when that patch will be released.Until then, here are some optimization tips to improve the games playability in OS X.

It was a much more painful loss: a level 55 demon hunter, some 12 hours in. I was doing well, chewing through monsters, so I had decided to kick the difficulty level up to Master to keep me on my toes (and for faster levelling)." He has three level 30 Destiny characters.) But I didn't feel heroic at all. A highly polished action-RPG with superb combat design, it was initially hamstrung by a grindy structure and a parsimonious attitude to loot.The former asked you to play its flabby campaign over and over again on ascending difficulty levels, while the latter was influenced by an ill-advised real-money auction house that sucked all the fun out of Diablo's loot-hunting endgame.It was not a fitting fate for a game that was, in short bursts, an absolute blast, and which otherwise boasted a vigorous commitment to violent camp, to explosive excess. An excellent console version and the Reaper of Souls expansion killed the auction house, replaced repeat playthroughs with the go-anywhere do-anything Adventure Mode, accelerated levelling and opened the loot taps until the feeble trickle of item drops became an almost embarrassing gush of clanging legendaries.A new difficulty system generously allowed you to adjust the game's challenge at will across a broad range, matching it to your taste and you character's power.

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