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All is not lost, however: as Netflix hits like One less publicized element of Elfman's life is the importance of dance.

During an interview on the set of So You Think You Can Dance, where she was a guest judge, Elfman discussed her background, saying, "I started ballet as a five-year-old girl.

When Dharma brings her home for the night, Donna gets a bright idea: why doesn't she give the baby to Dharma and Greg? you can guess the rest except maybe the fact that the baby turns out to be black.

Abby and Larry assemble a village, which includes an African spiritual adviser, a troubadour, a storyteller who has taken a vow of silence, a lesbian lactation expert, and Jane to help Dharma and Greg with the baby.

That kind of job security for an actor is rare—and it's been earned by Elfman, who was arguably the more charismatic character on their show. Simmons was on the short-lived 2013 sitcom , which itself only lasted 13 episodes, Elfman had been prominently cast in three other television series, all which suffered early cancellation.

Matthew Mc Conaughey played alongside Elfman in Ron Howard's 1999 comedy EDtv, and we all know how that ended up for him. Whether she was on Courting Alex, Accidentally on Purpose, or 1600 Penn, audiences didn't show up.

Dedication to Scientology is a full-time job in itself, and the aspirations of its parishioners are expansive.

In the past, members have spoken about its goals, most publicly in this leaked internal video of Tom Cruise.

Dharma Freedom Finkelstein-Montgomery is a free-spirited yoga instructor with an incredible knack for looking on the bright side.Through big budgets, great acting, dark storylines, and the rise of streamable content, the sitcom is being swallowed up by binge-watchable dark dramas.There are exceptions, of course—The Big Bang Theory has been humming along for 10 seasons—but the opportunity for a comedic television actress like Jenna Elfman to get in on the ground floor of a hit network sitcom seems to be dwindling.The show was nominated for six Emmys, ran for five seasons, and outpaced everybody's expectations.Unfortunately, the same can't be said for Elfman's post-show career, but maybe there's still hope: millions of viewers loved her as Dharma, and many—us included—miss her and would love to see her back on our screens.

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